The human name Aaron represent unique meaning "Mountain of strength • Exalted • Enlightened • Bearer of Martyrs • Forest • Thicken • Strength", is very popular among ethenicity or origin hebrew.

In native script, the name Aaron is written as אַהֲרֹן and pronounce as AYR-UN, AR-AN, AER-AHN, ER-AN, EHR-AHN, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Aaron has also nick names such as Ari, Ronnie, and also has variations of Aron, Aeron, Aharon, Aahron, Aareon, Aaronas, , Aeryn, Ahran, Ahren, Ahron, Airen, Airyn, Arand, Arend, Ari, Arren, Arrin, Arryn, Arun, Aryn, Auron, Ayren, Ayron, Ehren, Erin

Aaron name is also found in American, English and Irish (Gealic) origin.

Aaron name is associated with some famous notable persons are Aaron Burr, Aaron Paul, Aaron Hernandez, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Aaron Swartz, Aaron Rodgers, Hank Aaron, Aaron the saint, Quinton Aaron, John W. Aaron, Lee Aaron and Jason Aaron.

Famous Aaron's

  • Aaron Ashmore Actor
  • Aaron Brooks Football Player
  • Aaron Bruno Musician
  • Aaron Burr Politician
  • Aaron Carter Musician
  • Aaron Cook Baseball Player
  • Aaron Douglas Artist
  • Aaron Eckhart Actor
  • Aaron Hamilton Football Player
  • Aaron Henry Actor
  • Aaron Hernandez Football Player
  • Aaron Paul Actor
  • Aaron Rodgers Football Player

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