The human name Aart represent unique meaning "As powerful like an eagle", is rare among ethenicity or origin dutch.

The name pronounce as AAR-T, AH-RT, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Aart has variations of Art, Aarth, Ard, Arte, Arth, Arad

Aart name is also found in Celtic and Germanic origin.

Aart name is associated with some famous notable persons are Aart De Geus (Co-Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Synopsys Inc), Aart Staartjes ( Actor, Director, Presenter, Author, and Television director), Aart Alblas, Aart van Antum, Aart van den IJssel and Aart Koopmans.

Famous Aart's

  • Aart Staartjes Actor

Map Of Dutch Origin

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