A-dam, AH-dum

The human name Adam represent unique meaning "A Prophet Name • Man • Human being". Is Very Popular among ethenicity or origin Hebrew.

In native script, the name Adam is written as Адам, آدم and pronounce as A-dam, AH-dum, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Adam has also nick names such as Adi, Addy, Addie, Ade, and also has variations of Aadam, Addam, Adams, Adamme, Aatami, Adao, Adamek, Adamh, Adamka, Adamo, Adem, Adomas, Adame, Addai

Adam name is also found in Arabic, English, Irish, and Norwegian origin.

God has made first man in this world who's name is Adam. Similarly, he is the first Prophet of God (Allah) called Hazrat Adam (A.S), and the leader of mankind.

Famous Adam's

  • Adam Baldwin Actor
  • Adam West Actor
  • Adam Arkin Actor
  • Adam Brody Actor
  • Adam Garcia Actor
  • Adam Goldberg Actor
  • Adam Sandler Actor
  • Adam Ant Musician
  • Adam Dunn Baseball Player
  • Adam Levine Musician
  • Adam Smith Economist
  • Adam Carolla Radio Personality

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