A-də-layd, AD-ə-layd, AE-D-eh-LAED, A-DE-LA-EED

The human name Adelaide represent unique meaning "Noble and kind • Noble natured • Queen • Adorned". Is Very Popular among ethenicity or origin German.

The name pronounce as A-də-layd, AD-ə-layd, AE-D-eh-LAED, A-DE-LA-EED, the name contain around 4 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Adelaide has also nick names such as Addi, Addey, Adi, Adey, Adela, Adel, Addy, Lady, Addie, Ada, Laidy, Del, Aline, Aley, Ady, and also has variations of Addelaide, Adalaide, Adalayde, Adelade, Adelaid, Adeleide, Adeliade

Adelaide name is also found in English, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Lesotho, Irish, German, French, Portuguese and Teutonic origin

Famous Adelaide's

  • Adelaide Cabete Writer
  • Adelaide Chase Artist
  • Adelaide Crapsey Writer
  • Adelaide Dimitry Published Author
  • Adelaide Kane Actress

Map Of German Origin

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