AH-kee-rah , uh-KEER -uh

The human name Akira represent unique meaning "Clear and intelligent • Graceful Strength". Is Very Popular among ethenicity or origin Japanese.

In native script, the name Akira is written as あきら, アキラ and pronounce as AH-kee-rah , uh-KEER -uh, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Akira has also nick names such as Aki, Aqeera, and also has variations of Akirah, Aakira, Akiraa, Ahakira, Akeera, Aqeera, Aqira, Akyra, Akeira, Akirra, Akiro and Akio

Famous Akira's

  • Akira Fubuki Actress
  • Akira Kiuchi Model
  • Akira Lane Model

Map Of Japanese Origin

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