The human name Al represent unique meaning "Unclear • Short form of names beginning with "Al"". Is Popular among ethenicity or origin English.

The name pronounce as AL, the name contain around 1 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Al has also nick names such as Albert, Alan, Alphonse , and also has variations of Ali, Albert, Alvin, Almamun, All, Allie, Alamin, Alfred

Al name is also found in Hebrew, Celtic, Germanic, Latin, Old Greek, Irish and Gaelic origins

Short names start with "Al"

Famous Al's

  • Al Pacino Actor
  • Al Cervi Basketball Player
  • Al Gore Politician
  • Al Jolson Musician
  • Al Leiter Basketball Player
  • Al Yankovic Musician
  • Al Barnes Football Player
  • Al Carlson Basketball Player

Map Of English Origin

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