AL-ən, AL-in

The human name Alan represent unique meaning "Handsome rock • Little Rock", is very popular among ethenicity or origin celtic gaelic.

The name pronounce as AL-ən, AL-in, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Alan has also nick names such as Al, and also has variations of Alann, Aalan, Allan, Allen, Alane, Allon, Alleyn, Alley, Alynn, Alyn, Alin, Alen, Aland and Ailin

Alan name is also found in English, Scottish, Breton, French , Irish, Hindu, and Spanish origin

Famous Alan's

  • Alan Alda Actor
  • Alan Ashby Baseball Player
  • Alan Autry Actor
  • Alan Greenspan Economist
  • Alan Jackson Musician
  • Alan Lloyd Hodgkin Nobel Prize Winner For Medicine
  • Alan Thicke Actor
  • Alan Trammell Baseball Player
  • Alan Turing Mathematician

Map Of Celtic Gaelic Origin

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