ah-LEE-dah, ah-LEE-duh

The human name Alida represent unique meaning "Graceful and noble • Little Winged Girl". Is Popular among ethenicity or origin German.

The name pronounce as ah-LEE-dah, ah-LEE-duh, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Alida has variations of Alidah, Allida, Alieda, Aleeda, Ailiada, Aleida, Aleda, Aledah, Aleta, Alita, Alleda, Allida, Alyda, Alydia, Elida, Elidia and Elita

Alida name is also found in Hungarian and Teutonic origin

Famous Alida's

  • Alida Bolten Swimmer
  • Alida Valli Actress

Map Of German Origin

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