AL-mə, AL-mah

The human name Alma represent unique meaning "Caring • Fostering • Soul • Lifts the spirit • Maiden". Is Popular among ethenicity or origin English.

The name pronounce as AL-mə, AL-mah, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Alma has also nick names such as Al, Ally, Allie, and also has variations of Almah, Allma, Elma, Aalma, Almha

Alma name is found in Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish and Celtic origin

Famous Alma's

  • Alma Rubens Silent Film Actress
  • Alma Konig Published Author
  • Alma Lutz Writer
  • Alma McCollum Published Author
  • Alma Thomas American Modernism Artist
  • Alma Werfel Published Author

Map Of English Origin

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