al-THEA, al-THEE-ah

The human name Althea represent unique meaning "One who heals • Marsh Flower • Healing herb", is popular among ethenicity or origin greek.

In native script, the name Althea is written as Αλθαια and pronounce as al-THEA, al-THEE-ah, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Althea has also nick names such as Al, Ally, Allie, Thea, and also has variations of Alethia, Allethea, Altha, Althya, Althia, Altheda, Althaia, Altheya, Althiaa, Athelia, Eltha, Elthea, Eltheya, Elthia

Althea name is also found in English and Spanish origin

Famous Althea's

  • Althea Flynt Larry Flynt'S Wife
  • Althea Gibson Athlete
  • Althea Nagai Published Author

Map Of Greek Origin

Postcard For Baby Name Althea

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