AM-ber, AM-bur

The human name Amber represent unique meaning "Gemstone • Jewel", is popular among ethenicity or origin arabic.

In native script, the name Amber is written as عنبر and pronounce as AM-ber, AM-bur, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Amber has also nick names such as Ambie, and also has variations of Amberr, Aamber, Ambar, Ahmber

Amber name is also found in English, French and Dutch origin

Amber name increased in popularity, because some famous personalities name attached with it, such as Actress Amber Tamblyn, Actress Amber Riley, Model Amber Valletta and Actress Amber Heard etc.

Famous Amber's

  • Amber Benson Actress
  • Amber Heard Actress
  • Amber Lancaster Actress
  • Amber Marie Model
  • Amber Michaels Actress
  • Amber Rose Model
  • Amber Smith Model

Map Of Arabic Origin

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