The human name Anjali represent unique meaning "Proposing", is popular among ethenicity or origin sanskrit.

In native script, the name Anjali is written as अञ्जली, अंजली(Hindi) and pronounce as ahn-JAH-lee, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Anjali has also nick names such as Angie, and also has variations of Angie, Edit Alt Spell: Angelynn, Angell, Angelita, Angelisa, Angelia, Angel

Anjali originates in Sanskrit and means "proposing". It is a common feminine given name in India.

Famous Anjali's

  • Anjali Bollywood Film Star
  • Anjali Mandar Bhagwat Athlete
  • Anjali Taneja Actress

Map Of Sanskrit Origin