The human name Annabel represent unique meaning "Adorable", is popular among ethenicity or origin latin.

The name pronounce as AN-ə-bel, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Annabel has variations of Annabella, Anabel, Anabela, Anabele, Anabella, Annabell, Arabella

Annabel is a variant of Amabel, possibly influenced by Anna. Amabel originates in Latin language and means "adorable". It is ultimately derived from the masculine name Amabilis, a French Saint of Riom. Lately, Amabel has not been very popular as a feminine given name and sounds rather old-fashioned. The variant Annabel is much more popular.

Famous Annabel's

  • Annabel Karmel Author

Map Of Latin Origin