aw-Rah-Liyah, aw-REEL-ya, a-RAY-lee-a

The human name Aurilia represent unique meaning "Golden • Gilded", is rare among ethenicity or origin latin.

The name pronounce as aw-Rah-Liyah, aw-REEL-ya, a-RAY-lee-a , the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Aurilia has variations of Aurelia, Aureliah, Auralia, Aurelea

Aurilia name is also found in Italain, French, Roman, Romanian and Polish origin

Aurelia is also a kind of jellyfish, as well as a small city in Iowa.

Famous Aurilia's

  • Aurelia E. Brazeal Diplomat
  • Aurelia Fule Writer

Map Of Latin Origin

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