BURK-lee, BERK-lee, BAAR-KLiy, BAH-KLiy

The human name Berkley represent unique meaning "Clearing of birches • Birch tree meadow", is rare among ethenicity or origin english.

The name pronounce as BURK-lee, BERK-lee, BAAR-KLiy, BAH-KLiy, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Berkley has also nick names such as Clay, Bar, Bardy, Bark, Berk, Berkie, Berky, and also has variations of Barclay, Berkeley, Berklee, Barklie, Barkly, Barrclay, Barclaye

Berkley name is also found in Scottish, Old English and Irish origin

Famous Berkley's

  • Barclay Plager Hockey Player
  • Berkeley Breathed Cartoonist

Map Of English Origin

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