BOH-nee, BOW-Niy, BAHN-ee

The human name Boni represent unique meaning "Pretty • Attractive • One doing good • Fortunate and auspicious • Sweet • Good • Be proud • The chosen one • A true gift from God • Holy and inspirational". Is Rare among ethenicity or origin Italian.

The name pronounce as BOH-nee, BOW-Niy, BAHN-ee, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Boni has also nick names such as Bonbon, and also has variations of Bony, Bonni, Bonny, Bonie, Bonnie

Boni name is also found in Scottish, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Bangladesh, African and Portuguese origin

Famous Boni's

  • Bonnie Bedelia Actress
  • Bonnie Campbell Published Author
  • Bonnie Doss Writer
  • Bonnie Dunbar Astronaut
  • Bonnie Franklin Actress
  • Bonnie Hunt Actress
  • Bonnie Raitt Musician

Map Of Italian Origin

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