The human name Carson represent unique meaning "Unclear", is popular among ethenicity or origin gaelic.

The name pronounce as KAHR-sən, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Carson has also nick names such as Carr, Cars, and also has variations of Carsen, Carsyn

Carson originates in Scottish language and its meaning is unclear. Initially, it functioned as a surname and as surname it is used until today. Later on, it began being used as both feminine and masculine given names, a famous female bearer being Carson McCullers, an American writer. Recently, the name has been much more popular for boys in the United States.

Famous Carson's

  • Ben Carson Presidential Candidate
  • Carson Bigbee Baseball Player
  • Carson Butler Football Player
  • Carson Daly Talk Show Host
  • Carson Palmer Football Player
  • Johnny Carson Talk Show Host

Map Of Gaelic Origin