The human name Cedrick represent unique meaning "Kindly • Loved • War • Leader • Gift of splendor • Generous and friendly character". Is Rare among ethenicity or origin English.

The name pronounce as KEH-drik, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Cedrick has also nick names such as Sed, Rick, Ced. Ked, Keddy, and also has variations of Cedric, Cedrik, kedrick

Cedrick name is also found in English, Celtic, Welsh and French origin

Famous Cedrick's

  • Cedric Benson Football Player
  • Cedric Ball Basketball Player
  • Cedric Cobbs Football Player
  • Cedric Griffin Football Player
  • Cedric Hill Football Player
  • Cedric James Football Player

Map Of English Origin

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