Ce-sar, SE-sahr, SE-ZAR, SEY-Saa-R

The human name Cesar represent unique meaning "Head full of hair • Thick head of hair • Hairy child • Emperor • King". Is Very Popular among ethenicity or origin Spanish.

The name pronounce as Ce-sar, SE-sahr, SE-ZAR, SEY-Saa-R, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Cesar has also nick names such as Ceze, Zarr, and also has variations of Cezar, Ceasar

Cesar name is also found in Latin, English, France, Portugal and Spanish origin

Famous Cesar's

  • Cesar Baldaccini Sculptor
  • Cesar Chavez Activist
  • Cesar Millan TV Actor/Dog Trainer
  • Cesar Romero Actor

Map Of Spanish Origin

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