KO-dee, CO-dee

The human name Codi represent unique meaning "Son of Otto • Son of Oda • Descendent of the helpful one • Pillow", is very popular among ethenicity or origin english.

The name pronounce as KO-dee, CO-dee, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Codi has also nick names such as Code, and also has variations of Cody, Coddy, Kodee, Kodi, Kodii, Kody

Codi name is also found in English, Gaelic/Celtic, Scottish, Irish and American origin

Famous Cody's

  • Cody Alan Williams Son Of Robin Williams
  • Cody Boyd Football Player
  • Cody Glenn Football Player
  • Cody Griffin Actor
  • Cody Linley Actor
  • Cody McCarty Football Player
  • Cody Ransom Baseball Player
  • Cody Rhodes Wrestler
  • Cody Veith Actor
  • Kody Bliss Football Player

Map Of English Origin

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