Co-pper, KAA-Per, KOOP-ər

The human name Copper represent unique meaning "Red-headed woman • Metal of reddish color • A maker of barrels or tubs", is rare among ethenicity or origin american.

The name pronounce as Co-pper, KAA-Per, KOOP-ər, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Copper has also nick names such as Coop, and also has variations of Coper, Cooper, Kopper, Kooper

Copper name is also found in English-American, Latin, Irish, Australian, Scottish, Vietnamese and Cyprus origin

Famous Copper's

  • Cooper Barnes Actor
  • Cooper Carlisle Football Player
  • Cooper Cronk Rugby Player
  • Cooper Helfet Football Player
  • Cooper Huckabee Actor
  • Cooper Wallace Football Player

Map Of American Origin

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