Gi-bril, Ga-briell, gah-bree-ELL, Gaa-BRiy-EHL

The human name Gabriel represent unique meaning "God is my strength • Angel of God • God's bravest man • God’s messenger", is popular among ethenicity or origin hebrew.

In native script, the name Gabriel is written as جبريل and pronounce as Gi-bril, Ga-briell, gah-bree-ELL, Gaa-BRiy-EHL, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Gabriel has variations of Gibrill, Gibreel, Gibril, Gabriell, Jibril, Jibrill, Jibreel

Gabriel name is also found in Islamic/Muslim, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew and English origin

Famous Gabriel's

  • Gabriel Arenas Soccer Player
  • Gabriel Byrne Actor
  • Gabriel Carpenter Actor
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez Author
  • Gabriel Harvey Author
  • Gabriel Helms Football Player
  • Gabriel Landeskog Hockey Player
  • Gabriel Macht Actor
  • Gabriel Mann Actor

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