The baby boy name Gerald represent unique meaning, Ruler with spear, is popular among german ethenicity or origin.

The name pronounce as jer-əld, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Gerald has also nick names such as Jerry, and also has variations of Jerold, Jerald, Jerrold, Gerold.

Gerald originates in Germanic languages and means "ruler with spear". It was the name of several saints and priests. As a masculine given name its usage has declined lately. It functions as a surname as well.

Famous Gerald's

  • Gerald Alexander Baseball Player
  • Gerald Carr Astronaut
  • Gerald Ford Former US President
  • Gerald Govan Basketball Player
  • Gerald Green Basketball Player
  • Gerald Kelly Artist
  • Gerald McCoy Football Player
  • Gerald McRaney TV Actor
  • Gerald Mohr Actor
  • Gerald Perry Baseball Player

Map Of German Origin