The baby girl name Graciela represent unique meaning, Elegant and graceful woman, is popular among latin ethenicity or origin.

The name pronounce as grah-cee-ehl-a, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Graciela has also nick names such as Gracie, Gracelyn, and also has variations of Graciella.

Graciela is a Spanish variant of Grace. Grace originates in Latin language and means "elegant and graceful woman". It is a very popular name in Christian families due to its obvious reference to the Christian concept of divine grace. The famous bearer was Grace Kelly, an American actress and wife of Rainier III, Princ of Monaco. In the United States, Grace has always been one of the most popular feminine given names. It functions as a surname as well.

Famous Graciela's

  • Graciela Borges Actress
  • Graciela Limon Writer
  • Graciela Stefani Actress

Map Of Latin Origin