The baby girl name Izolda represent unique meaning, Fighting the ice battle, is popular among german ethenicity or origin.

In native script, the name Izolda is written as იზოლდა(Georgian)

Izolda is a Polish variant of Isolde. Isolde originates in Germanic languages and means "fighting the ice battle". Isolde is a well-known character from Arthurian legends. Isolde is the Irish princess who saves the life of Tristan. Without him knowing who she is, they fall in love. Later on, Tristan goes back to Ireland to bring the new wife of his King, Mark of Cornwall. Only then he realizes that his beloved Isolde is the future wife of his king. Over centuries, the tragic story has been an inspiration for many writers, directors and composers. As a feminine given name Isolde is rather rare in the United States.

Famous Izolda's

  • Izolda Barudzija Singer
  • Izolda Izvitskaya Actress

Map Of German Origin