JER-ee, JARE-ee, JEH-ree

The human name Jery represent unique meaning "Spear ruler • Brave with the spear", is rare among ethenicity or origin german.

The name pronounce as JER-ee, JARE-ee, JEH-ree, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Jery has also nick names such as Jer, and also has variations of Jerry, Jeryy, Jeri, Jerrie, Jerri

Jery name is also found in French, English, Greek, American and Teutonic origin

Famous Jery's

  • Jerry Garcia Musician
  • Jerry Hall Actress
  • Jerry O'Connell Actor
  • Jerry Rice Football Player
  • Jerry Seinfeld TV Actor

Map Of German Origin

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