JESS-ee, JHEHS-iy, Je-ssey

The human name Jessey represent unique meaning "The Lord exists • God beholds • God's gift • Wealthy", is popular among ethenicity or origin hebrew.

In native script, the name Jessey is written as יִשַׁי and pronounce as JESS-ee, JHEHS-iy, Je-ssey, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Jessey has also nick names such as Jesi, and also has variations of Jessy, Jesse, Jessee, Jesee

Jessey name is also found in Modern English, Hebrew, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish and Biblical origin

Famous Jesse's

  • Jesse Borrego Actor
  • Jesse Chatman Football Player
  • Jesse Eisenberg Actor, Playwright
  • Jesse Fibinger Hockey Player
  • Jesse Garcia Baseball Player
  • Jesse Haines Baseball Player
  • Jesse Helms Politician
  • Jesse James Infamous Robber
  • Jesse Metcalf Actor
  • Jesse Owens Olympic Runner
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson TV Actor

Map Of Hebrew Origin

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