JO-əl, JOH-ul, JHOW-L, Jole, Jo-ell

The human name Joell represent unique meaning "God is Lord • Jehovah is the Lord • All powerful God • God Will Be Willing", is very popular among ethenicity or origin french.

In native script, the name Joell is written as יוֹאֵל and pronounce as JO-əl, JOH-ul, JHOW-L, Jole, Jo-ell, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Joell has also nick names such as Joe, Jo, and also has variations of Joel

Joell name is also found in Modern English, French, Hebrew, biblical, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish origin

Famous Joel's

  • Joel Barlow Poet
  • Joel Coen Film Director
  • Joel Dreessen Football Player
  • Joel Gosselin Reality TV Star
  • Joel Grey Actor
  • Joel Hofmann Football Player
  • Joel Jacobs Football Player
  • Joel Madden Singer
  • Joel McCrea Actor
  • Joel McHale TV Actor
  • Joel Murray Actor

Map Of French Origin

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