The baby boy name Julius represent unique meaning, Wearing a soft beard, is popular among latin ethenicity or origin.

In native script, the name Julius is written as ιουλος (ioulos) and pronounce as joo-lee-əs, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Julius has also nick names such as Julito, and also has variations of Julito, Edit Alt Spell: Jullien, Jullian, Julen.

Julius is a variant of Julian. Julian originates in Latin language and means "wearing a soft beard". It used to be a very popular masculine given name during Roman times, than it lost its popularity and later gained it back, nowadays being very frequently used again.

Famous Julius's

  • Julius Boros Golfer
  • Julius Caesar Historical Personality
  • Julius Curry Football Player
  • Julius Jones Football Player
  • Julius Matos Baseball Player
  • Julius Williams Football Player

Map Of Latin Origin