The baby girl name Kali represent unique meaning, Woman of gloom, is popular among sanskrit ethenicity or origin.

In native script, the name Kali is written as काली(Sanskrit) and pronounce as kah-lee, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Kali has also nick names such as Kalie, and also has variations of Kalee.

Kali originates in Hebrew language and means "woman of gloom". In Indian mythology, Kali was the goddess associated with eternal energy, time and change. As a feminine given name it is very rare in the United States.

Famous Kali's

  • Kali Chung Actress
  • Kali Cook Actress
  • Kali Hawk (actress) Kali Karatza Screenwriter
  • Kali Littlefield Actress
  • Kali Majors Child Actress
  • Kali Rocha Actress

Map Of Sanskrit Origin