LAE-LAH, LAH-lah, lah-LEH

The human name Lalla represent unique meaning "Tulip flower • To babble • Lord • Lady • Born At Night". Is Common among ethenicity or origin Persian.

In native script, the name Lalla is written as لاله, Лала and pronounce as LAE-LAH, LAH-lah, lah-LEH, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Lalla has variations of Lalah, Lala, Lallah, Laleh

Lalla name is also found in Russian, Hawaiian, Persian, Slavic, Bulgarian, Spanish, Afghan, Armenian and Czech origin

Famous Lalla's

  • Lala Vazquez Actress
  • Laleh Bakhtiar Writer

Map Of Persian Origin

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