The baby boy name Leon represent unique meaning, Lion man, is popular among greek ethenicity or origin.

In native script, the name Leon is written as Λεων(Ancient Greek) and pronounce as lee-ahn, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Leon has also nick names such as Leo, Lee, and also has variations of Leeon, Leone, Leyon.

Leon is a variant of Leo, with Greek roots. Leo originates in Latin language and means "lion man". It is a very popular masculine given name all over the world and the name of 13 popes throughout history. Its usage in the United States has declined significantly in recent times.

Famous Leon's

  • Leon Bright Football Player
  • Leon Burton Football Player
  • Leon Clarke Football Player
  • Leon Cort Football Player
  • Leon Day Baseball Player
  • Leon Edel Author
  • Leon Joe Football Player
  • Leon Lai Actor
  • Leon McFadden Baseball Player

Map Of Greek Origin