lay-OH-nee, LON-ee, LAAN-iy, LAHN-ee

The human name Lonie represent unique meaning "Noble and ready • Sky • Oak tree • Lion • All struggle", is rare among ethenicity or origin hawaiian.

The name pronounce as lay-OH-nee, LON-ee, LAAN-iy, LAHN-ee, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Lonie has also nick names such as Lon, and also has variations of Lonnie, Loni, Lonni, Lonny

Lonie name is also found in Hawaiian, Teutonic, Hebrew, Italian, Gaelic, Latin, English and German origin

Famous Lonie's

  • Lonnie Goldstein Baseball Player
  • Lonnie Johnson Football Player
  • Lonnie Perrin Football Player
  • Lonnie Wright Basketball Player

Map Of Hawaiian Origin

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