The human name Margreet represent unique meaning "Pearl • Cluster of blossoms". Is Popular among ethenicity or origin Greek.

In native script, the name Margreet is written as μαργαριτης and pronounce as mahr-GHRET, MAA-RGR-ayHHT, mahr-KHREET, the name contain around 3 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Margreet has variations of Margriet, Margriete, Margaret, Margarett, Margareth, Margarete, Margarethe, Margarette

Margreet name is also found in English, Danish, Dutch, French, Latin, Greek, Old Persian and Irish origin

Famous Margreet's

  • Margaret Allen Writer
  • Margaret Atwood Poet
  • Margaret Avery Actress
  • Margaret Barker Artist
  • Margaret Blackwood Published Author
  • Margaret Brown Published Author
  • Margaret Burnham Writer
  • Margaret Cameron Writer
  • Margaret Carlson Jazz Artist
  • Margaret Clark Published Author
  • Margaret Colin Actress
  • Margaret Deland Novelist
  • Margaret of Anjou Royalty
  • Margaret Taylor U.S. First Lady In The 19Th Century
  • Margaret Thatcher Former Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom

Map Of Greek Origin

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