MER-ee, MARE-ee, MEHR-iy

The human name Merry represent unique meaning "Cheerful • Happy • Gifts of God Bitterness • Pearl • Star of the sea • Rebellious woman". Is Popular among ethenicity or origin English.

In native script, the name Merry is written as Μαριαμ and pronounce as MER-ee, MARE-ee, MEHR-iy, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The name Merry has variations of Marry, Mary, Mery

Merry name is also found in Spanish, Old Greek, Hebrew, English, Swedish, African and Welsh origin

Famous Merry's

  • Mary Abbott Artist
  • Mary Allen Artist
  • Mary Astor Actress
  • Mary Bacon Writer
  • Mary Batten Writer
  • Mary Beard Published Author
  • Mary Benson Writer
  • Mary Biggs Writer
  • Mary Borden Writer
  • Mary Bradford Published Author
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter Musician
  • Mary J. Blige Musician
  • Mary Mastrantonio Actress
  • Mary McCormack Actress
  • Mary Pierce Tennis Player
  • Mary Shelley Author
  • Mary Steenburgen Actress
  • Merry Anders Actress
  • Merry Whiteford Writer

Map Of English Origin

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