The baby boy name Nathan represent unique meaning, God gives, is popular among hebrew ethenicity or origin.

In native script, the name Nathan is written as נָתָן(Hebrew) and pronounce as nay-thən, the name contain around 2 syllables in pronouciations.

The human Nathan has also nick names such as Nate, Nat, and also has variations of Nate, Nat, Edit Alt Spell: Nathanial, Nathanael.

Nathan originates in Hebrew language and means "God gives". In the Bible, Nathan was the name of King David’s son as well as the name of a prophet. As a masculine given name it started gaining popularity in the United States in the 1950s and currently it is one of the most popular given names to boys.

Famous Nathan's

  • Nathan Adrian Olympian
  • Nathan Ashton Soccer Player
  • Nathan Brown Football Player
  • Nathan Deal Politician
  • Nathan Fillion Actor
  • Nathan Healey Tennis Player
  • Nathan Juran Film Director
  • Nathan Kress TV Actor
  • Nathan Lane Actor
  • Nathan MacKinnon Hockey Player

Map Of Hebrew Origin