və-RAHN-i-kə, veh RAHN ih kah, ver AHN ih kah

The human name Veronica represent unique meaning "Victory bearer • Bringing Victory • True image • Pure • Fair of face", is very popular among ethenicity or origin latin.

The name pronounce as və-RAHN-i-kə, veh RAHN ih kah, ver AHN ih kah, the name contain around 4 syllables in pronouciations.

Veronica name is also found in Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, English, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Late Roman and French origin

Famous Veronica's

  • Veronica Black Writer
  • Veronica Blume Actress
  • Veronica Carlson Actress
  • Veronica Castro Actress
  • Veronica Kay Model
  • Veronica Lake Actress
  • Veronica Stallwood Writer
  • Veronica Webb Model

Map Of Latin Origin

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